Mystery of the Ancients - Mud Water Creek - Collectors Edition

Release: Mystery.of.the.Ancients.Mud.Water.Creek.Collectors.Edition.v1.0-ZEKE

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ßßMystery of the Ancients - Mud Water Creek Collectors Edition ° ÛÝ°Ü
° ßÛÛÛÛÛ² ß²ß
°±Üþ°±ÛÛÛ² Cracker.....: ZEKE Release Date.....: 14.04.2016 ±
ß²ß °ÞÛ² Protection..: Armadillo System...........: Windows
þ ° ÛÝ Packer......: ZEKE Type.............: Game
° Language.........: English °

.: Description :.

Mariaglorum proudly presents the next installment of the Mystery of the
Ancients series!

Something strange is happening in the town of Mud Creek. You've been called
in to help Bob Price and his fiancé discover what's terrorizing their home.
What starts out as a routine investigation quickly turns into a chase through
the marshes. Ghostly figures are around every turn. Do you have what it takes
to help the town before it's too late? Find out in this haunting hidden
object puzzle adventure!

- Traverse the underworld and unravel its secrets in the bonus game!
- Collect figurines and find hidden bats
- Reference the comprehensive strategy guide
- Unlock achievements and solve an exclusive jigsaw puzzle
- Enjoy the soundtrack, videos, wallpaper, and concept art

.: Installation Notes :.

1. Run the setup.exe
2. Have fun !

.: Greetings :.


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