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Sonya Yoncheva and Vittorio Grigolo Love Duets

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In the imposing Arena di Verona, soprano Sonya Yoncheva and tenor Vittorio Grigolo present with dramatic and passionate synergy an evening of the most beautiful operatic love arias and duets in opera history. Passion that burns, consumes and sometimes kills is the central theme of this concert including arias from Rom├ęo et Juliette by Charles Gounod as well as from Puccini┬┤s Tosca, La boh├Ęme, Madama Butterfly and Verdi┬┤s La traviata, all conducted by Pl├ícido Domingo. Sonya Yoncheva has the full and vibrant timbre of a true lyrical soprano while Vittorio Grigolo, like Cavaradossi and Rodolfo, plays the cards of ardor and passion, with sweet and affectionate colors. An overall successful evening.

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