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Johnny Guitar Watson - The Funk Anthology (2CD-2005)

Release: Johnny.Guitar.Watson.-.The.Funk.Anthology.(2CD-2005).

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01-Aint That A Bitch
02-Superman Lover
03-I Need It
04-A Real Mother For Ya
05-I Want To Ta-Ta You Baby
06-Babys In Love With The Radio
08-Funk Beyond The Call Of Duty
09-Its About The Dollar Bill
10-Love That Will Not Die
11-Im Gonna Get You Baby
13-Miss Frisco (Queen of The Disco)
14-You Can Stay But The Noise Must Go
15-Feel The Spirit Of My Guitar
16-Gangster Of Love


01-Dont be What Uc
02-What The Hell is This
03-I Dont Want to be President
04-Strung Out
05-Cop & Blow
06-Booty Ooty
07-Lone Ranger
08-Telephone Bill
09-Love Jones
10-Before I Let You Go
11-Voodoo What You Do
12-Come And Dance With Me
13-Aint Nobodye Business
14-Bow Wow
15-Johnny G. is Back

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