Signs of the Sojourner

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Signs of the Sojourner is a narrative card game about relationships and connecting with people.Your deck is your character, reflecting your experiences and shaping your relationships. Make decisions about who your character is in this world, pushing forward with the cards you’re dealt.You take over your mothers store after her death, traveling to diverse locations in order to acquire goods for the shop. Along the way, encounter optimistic stories, compassionate characters, and delightful surprises in a world where travel is difficult and climate change has made life hard.Key FeaturesForge new friendships, rivalries, and connections through card game conversations. Play cards to match the tone and perspective of your partner or disregard their feelings to sell your own point of view. The story continues either way.Venture forth to find rare and useful goods to aid your town. Make difficult choices along the way. The consequences shape your character’s deck and every conversation that follows, en route to many possible endings.Youll explore the world, but also explore what it means to return home.Meet and grow alongside unforgettable characters. Will you hold on to your childhood friendships? Will your adventures on the road lead you down different paths? Who will you become, and what will you leave behind?Wishlist now to be alerted when Signs of the Sojourner is released!

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