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TaskForce Gamma 13 An SCP Tale

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Gameplay Focused on the classic style of the award-winning Resident Evil 4. Investigate and get involved in the world of scp, starting here a journey that will expands to worlds and totally unexpected situations in the next chapters. Save your few ammo and walk carefully, watch for sounds, use your flashlights wisely. Your strategy must be carefully planned. Welcome to the first part of this adventure based on the stories of Jacob Conwell. [/ list]- This first part of the story is told from the point of view of a member of the "Gamma 13" task force, the "Assimov Lawbringers" : a team specialized in apprehending anomalous robots - whose operation defies traditional science and has proven to be incredibly dangerous if misused.What started as a simple mission to seize one of these machines quickly became something much bigger, more dangerous, and with many more involvedunexpected , so in this chapter you will need to manage your resources, be careful with your movement and plan your actions. - In this chapter you will have to deal with the Pilgrim androids, the new merlin drones, and find the first references to the actions of "Nobody" a mysterious figure who can be both your ally and not to be. - Explore an SCP adventure that is not more one containment breach. - Discover and understand how the plot unfolds by reading messages left on notebooks and tablets, but always wonder why you could find such a device, completely unlocked without passwords and plus, with exposed messages. - You and your task force are in Brazil, and this has an older and more frightening reason than you probably think. And thats exactly why you need to go ahead. - You wont have a radio, at least at the beginning, there was no reason to think that something would go wrong, but for a change, there is always something going wrong. in MTF-Gamma 13 things always go wrong even when they go right.

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