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Diastone Confusion

Release: Diastone.Confusion-HOODLUM

  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Format: rar
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A short story about a mysterious incident in the North of Transylvania and the punishment suffered by his culprit. Are you ready to learn more secrets and terrifying things which creature capable to do in the world of Diastone? Diastone: Confusion is an offshoot of the Diastone game series. This game gets you an opportunity to notice some details from the previous games, and also to learn new events which the creature is involved, information about is absent for centuries. In the game, an unusual old corridor will be repeated over and over again. To move through the game you will need to pay attention to the changes that will occur in the rooms. Travel the ever-changing corridor Explore all the details that change in the room Everything in the game will be repeated again and again if you wont be attentive enough Enjoy the mechanics of exploring through the use of a controller Immerse yourself in the world of the game, thanks to high-quality sounds and graphics. Evil is coming...

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