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Oceans 8 Eight

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In Hard Eight, Stephanie Plum picks up a case a little nastier than anything the wisecracking bounty hunters seen before. Evelyn Soder and her young daughter have gone on the run, leaving an angry ex-husband whos planning to collect on a child custody bond that will leave Evelyns grandmother homeless. Stephanies first clue that theres more to it than that comes in the form of Eddie Abruzzi: a shady local businessman who warns her to butt out of the case. Stephanie doesnt scare easily, but when Abruzzis henchmen leave a bag of snakes on her doorknob and tarantulas in her car, she has no choice but to call Ranger, the hunky man of mystery to whom she already owes too many favours. Steph knows that Ranger will soon be calling in his debts, but with her ex-fianc├ę Joe Morelli out of the picture, that should be OK--shouldnt it? In the meantime, shes got other fugitives to catch, aided by the usual band of misfits, plus a bumbling correspondence-school lawyer whos developed the hots for Stephanies sister, Valerie. And Stephs in for a surprise from her mother, who proves shes not above wielding a dangerous weapon to save her daughters life. Author Janet Evanovich has made a bold move in using a soup├žon of child jeopardy to pull this series out of the comfortable but formulaic pattern it was threatening to fall 1n8t0. Its still funny, and yes, some cars are destroyed, but now theres a real edge of darkness under the humour. Fans neednt fear, though: Jersey girl Stephanie is still full of sass and Tastykakes. --Barrie Trinkle, Amazon.com


Her gifts for screwball dialogue, vivid phase-making and farcical set-pieces are undiminished so that, far from feeling stale or samey, her fiction still has a captivating comic energy The Sunday Times (The Sunday Times)Slick dialogue, comic suspense, and surreal adventures Daily Mail (Daily Mail)Fans wont be disappointed by the fast pace Sunday Telegraph (Sunday Telegraph)Fans of Janet Evanovich will love this latest sassy instalment, and newcomers should warm to the endearing heroine. Good Housekeeping (Good Housekeeping)Evanovich pretty well guarantees a laugh on every page. Scotland on Sunday (Scotland on Sunday)Razor sharp wit Sunday Express (Sunday Express)Another delectable plum Bournemouth Daily Echo (Bournemouth Daily Echo)Guaranteed to provoke laughs...The usual mix of sassy attitude, fast-pacing and sharp dialogue keep Evanovich at the top of the female crime hit list Glasgow Herald (Glasgow Herald)Witty, fresh, full of surprises and very funny, Janet Evanovichs most explosive thriller yet is Stephanies best mis-adventure ever...Hysterical stuff. Saffron Walden Observer (Saffron Walden Observer)This series is a breath of fresh air in the crime genre Daily Telegraph (Australia) (Daily Telegraph (Australia))

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