Erannorth Reborn Blood Coven Rise

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Eldanoths defeat not only didnt bring peace in the troubled lands of Folkswave, but end up spreading even more chaos and instability. The Pirate Coalition fleet still ravages the Northern & the Southern Seas under the banner of the Dreaded Russo Sisters. And between them and the Ulniir Commanders amassing the largest army yet seen in the East, the revered Deacon of Roverford seems unable to control the situation. Amidst this turmoil an ancient & more sinister evil stirs...Bring in your best Deck and overcome over 115 new Enemies, including 32 new Bosses. Fight in over 30 deadly Adventure challenges and claim unique and powerful rewards. Loot brand new Equipment Sets, form new Alliances, unlock over 600 new Cards & experiment with new builds & mechanics. Do you have what it takes to become a Demigod?Perhaps now you do! Blood Coven Rise DLC Content will seamlessly integrate in every game mode and expand it with more mid & high level content. Including:New Consumables & Equipment: Loot new consumables & arm yourself to the teeth with hundreds of new Equipment Cards & equipment types, including Equipment Sets. New Alliances: Join different Factions and gain access to their unique Allies, Actions and Hideouts.New Unlockable Races (Fay & Naga) & Class (Summoner): Play as a Seelie (or Unseelie) Fay or a Naga. Harness the powers of the Aether or Nether and bring forth extraordinary Creatures to dominate your enemies as a Summoner. Experiment with brand new mechanics, builds and keywords.New Challenges & Rewards: Adventure in new areas & defeat various boss combinations to claim Unique Rewards.New Enemies & Bosses: Over 115 new enemies & 32 new Bosses await to face your steel. What are you waiting for?

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