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DemoNavigate through Vault, a level you encounter near the halfway mark of the first chapter. Gain a feel for the mechanics, enemies, and setting of Agent 9. Vault challenges the player with diverse enemy types, platforming sections, and a small puzzle to crack the vault open!GameplayWith difficult enemies, quick levels and no checkpoints, Agent 9 is not easy. Succeeding at a level requires you to learn its ins and outs, enemy locations, and unique mechanics. Master a level by aiming for it’s platinum rating or take your time and find hidden secrets scattered all around. Get your hands on a variety of weapons to combat a diverse set of enemies ranging from pesky drones to lumbering tanks, each of which offer a different set of challenges that require you to adapt to the situation. Defeat powerful bosses, dodge a storm of bullets, and pistol-flip your way to fame and badassery!GameplayAgent 9 is the product of just one guy under the banner of Noodle Games. My goal was to create a game that calls back to simpler times in the games industry. By creating a single player experience with a focus on gameplay I hope to achieve a balance between the new and the old values that players search for. Agent 9 proudly wears its inspirations on its sleeve and although I am the sole creator, the game owes tons to the communitys collective voice. I put thousands of hours and all of my passion 1n8t0 this project so I sincerely hope you enjoy it!

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