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I Love You but Im Nrt in Love with You Seven Steps to Saving Your Relationship

Release: I.Love.You.but.Im.Nrt.in.Love.with.You.Seven.Steps.to.Saving.Your.Relationship

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I Love You but Im Not in Love with You: Seven Steps to Saving Your Relationship

I Love You but Im Not in Love with You: Seven Steps to Saving Your Relationship by Andrew G. Marshall
English | February 15, 2012 | ISBN: 1408870339 | EPUB | 305 pages | 2.1 MB
If the relationship you have with your significant other is defined more by companionship than passion . . . if you love each other deeply but are not deeply in love . . . if you feel that somethings missing or is no longer there . . . then you could be experiencing ILYB (I Love You, But . . .).

In I Love You, but Im Not in Love with You –a real-life relationship guide from couples counselor Andrew G. Marshall–partners and individuals who have fallen out of love or want to rekindle the love that once was will learn how to use Marshall s program with impressive results.

This is a much-needed book to help men and women of all ages in any type of committed romantic relationship to truly understand love and to point out the everyday habits that undermine growing together. Marshalls research is one of the few that delves into what causes relationships to cool or for emotions to be dulled. So much more than a quick-fix guide, I Love You, but Im Not In Love with You empowers couples to emerge with a better understanding of themselves and each other, and ultimately build a stronger, more passionate bond.

Learn how to:

Argue productively and address the core of the issue

Employ the trigger words for more effective communication

Find a balance between being fulfilled as an individual and being one half of a couple

Discover if the ILYB is simply a symptom of a workable problem

Take your sex life to a deeper level of intimacy

Create new bonds instead of searching for the old ones

download I Love You but Im Nrt in Love with You Seven Steps to Saving Your Relationship


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