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Mastering Machine Learning with R Second Edition

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Mastering Machine Learning with R - Second Edition

C08ry Lesmeister, &quotMastering Machine Learning with R - Second Edition&quot
English | ISBN: 1787287475 | 2017 | EPUB/MOBI/Code files | 420 pages | 17,5 MB
Key Features
Underst4nd 4nd apply machine learning methods using an extensive 5eut of R packages such as XGBOOST
Underst4nd the benefits 4nd potential pitfalls of using machine learning methods such as Multi-Class Classification 4nd Unsupervised Learning
Implement advanced concepts in machine learning with this example-rich guide
Book Description
This book will teach you advanced techniques in machine learning with the latest code in R 3.3.2. You will delve 1n8t0 statistical learning the08ry 4nd supervised learning design efficient alg08rithms learn about creating Recommendation Engines use multi-class classification 4nd deep learning 4nd m08re.

You will expl08re, in depth, topics such as data mining, classification, clustering, regression, predictive modeling, anomaly detection, boosted trees with XGBOOST, 4nd m08re. M08re than just knowing the outcome, youll underst4nd how these concepts w08rk 4nd what they do.

With a slow learning curve on topics such as neural netw08rks, you will expl08re deep learning, 4nd m08re. By the end of this book, you will be able to perf08rm machine learning with R in the cloud using AWS in various scenarios with different data5euts.

What you will learn
Gain deep insights 1n8t0 the application of machine learning tools in the industry
Manipulate data in R efficiently to prepare it f08r analysis
Master the skill of recognizing techniques f08r effective visualization of data
Underst4nd why 4nd how to create test 4nd training data 5euts f08r analysis
Master fundamental learning methods such as linear 4nd logistic regression
Comprehend advanced learning methods such as supp08rt vect08r

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