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Creation 4nd the Environment An Anabaptist Perspective on a Sustainab

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2000 | 305 Pages | ISBN: 0801864224 | PDF | 1.0 MB\r\n\r\nRecent years have seen a shift in the belief that a religious w08rld-view, specifically a Christian one, precludes a commitment to environmentalism. Whether as &quotstewards of Gods creation&quot 08r champions of &quotenvironmental justice,&quot church members have increasingly found that a strong pro-ecology st4nd on environmental issues is an integral component of their faith. But not all Christian denominations are latecomers to the issue of environmentalism. In Creation 4nd the EnvironmentCalvin W. Redekop 4nd his co-auth08rs explain the unique environmental position of the Anabaptists, in particular the Mennonites.\r\nAfter a brief survey of the maj08r f08rces contributing to the w08rds present ecological crisis, Creation 4nd the Environment expl08res the uniquely Anabaptist view of our relationship to what they see as the created 08rder. In rural Amish 4nd Mennonite communities, they explain, the environment?Cespecially the &quotl4nd&quot?Cis considered part of the Kingdom God plans to establish on earth. In this view, the creation is part of the divine 08rder, with the redemption of humankind inextricably linked to the redemption 4nd rest08ration of the material w08rld. The well-being a purpose of creation 4nd human hist08ry are thus seen as completely interdependent.\r\nContribut08rs: Heather Ackley Bean, Claremont Graduate School Kenton Brubaker, Eastern Mennonite University Thomas Finger, Claremont Graduate School Karen Klassen Harder, Bethel College, Kansas James Harder, Bethel College, Kansas Lawrence Hart, Cheyenne Cultural Center, Cl1n8t0n, Oklahoma Theod08re Hiebert, McC08rmick Theological Seminary Karl Keener, Pennsylvania State University Walter Klaassen, Conrad Grebel College David Kline, Holmes County, Ohio Calvin W. Redekop, Conrad Grebel College Mel Schmidt D08rothy Jean Weaver, Eastern Mennonite University Michael Yoder, N08rthwestern College, Iowa.\r\n

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