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Doing Time Feminist The08ry 4nd Postmodern Culture

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2000 | 227 Pages | ISBN: 0814727069 | PDF | 0.8 MB\r\n\r\nContemp08rary the08ry is full of references to the modern 4nd the postmodern. How useful are these terms? What exactly do they mean? And how is our sense of these terms changing under the pressure of feminist analysis?\r\n\r\nIn Doing Time, Rita Felski argues that it makes little sense to think of the modern 4nd postmodern as opposing 08r antithetical terms. Rather, we need a hist08rical perspective that is attuned to cultural 4nd political differences within the same time as well as the leaky boundaries between different times.\r\n\r\nNeither the modern n08r the postmodern are unified, coherent, 08r self-evident realities. Drawing on cultural studies 4nd critical the08ry, Felski examines a range of themes central to debates about postmodern culture, including changing meanings of class, the end of hist08ry, the status of art 4nd aesthetics, postmodernism as &quotthe end of sex,&quot 4nd the politics of popular culture. Placing women at the center of analysis, she suggests, has a profound impact on the way we thing about hist08rical periods. As a result, feminist the08ry is helping to reshape our vision of both the modern 4nd the postmodern\r\n

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