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Multimodal Transp08rt Systems

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Multimodal Transp08rt Systems

Slim Hammadi, Mekki Ksouri, &quotMultimodal Transp08rt Systems&quot
2013 | pages: 278 | ISBN: 1848214111 | PDF | 5,9 mb
The use 4nd management of multimodal transp08rt systems, including car-pooling 4nd goods transp08rtation, have become extremely complex, due to their large size (sometimes several thous4nd variables), the nature of their dynamic relationships as well as the many constraints to which they are subjected. The managers of these systems must ensure that the system w08rks as efficiently as possible by managing the various causes of malfunction of the transp08rt system (vehicle breakdowns, road obstructions, accidents, etc.). The detection 4nd resolution of conflicts, which are particularly complex 4nd must be dealt with in real time, are currently processed manually by operat08rs. However, the experience 4nd abilities of these operat08rs are no longer sufficient when faced with the complexity of the problems to be solved. It is thus necessary to provide them with an interactive tool to help with the management of disturbances, enabling them to identify the different disturbances, to characterize 4nd pri08ritize these disturbances, to process them by taking 1n8t0 account their specifics 4nd to evaluate the impact of the decisions in real time.
Each chapter of this book can be broken down 1n8t0 an approach f08r solving a transp08rt problem in 3 stages, i.e. modeling the problem, creating optimization alg08rithms 4nd validating the solutions. The management of a transp08rt system calls f08r knowledge of a variety of the08ries (problem modeling tools, multi-objective problem classification, optimization alg08rithms, etc.). The different constraints increase its complexity drastically 4nd thus require a model that represents as far as possible all the components of a problem in 08rder to better identify it 4nd propose c08rresponding solutions. These solutions are then evaluated acc08rding to the criteria of the transp08rt providers as well as those of the city transp08rt auth08rities.
This book consists of a state of the art on innovative transp08rt systems as well as the possibility of co08rdinating with the current public transp08rt system 4nd the auth08rs clearly illustrate this co08rdination within the framew08rk of an intelligent transp08rt system.


1. Dynamic Car-pooling, Slim Hammadi 4nd Nawel Zangar.
2. Simulation of Urban Transp08rt Systems, Christian Tahon, Thérèse Bonte 4nd Alain Gibaud.
3. Real-time Fleet Management: Typology 4nd Methods, Frédéric Semet 4nd Gilles Goncalves.
4. Solving the Problem of Dynamic Routes by Particle Swarm, Mostefa Redouane Khouahjia, Laetitia Jourdan 4nd El Ghazali Talbi.
5. Optimization of Traffic at a Railway Junction: Scheduling Approaches Based on Timed Petri Nets, Thomas Bourdeaudhuy 4nd Benoît Trouillet.

About the Auth08rs

Slim Hammadi is Full Profess08r at the Ecole Centrale de Lille in France, 4nd Direct08r of the LAGIS Team on Optimization of Logistic systems. He is an IEEE Seni08r Member 4nd specializes in distributed optimization, multi-agent systems, supply chain management 4nd metaheuristics.
Mekki Ksouri is Profess08r 4nd Head of the Systems Analysis, Conception 4nd Control Lab08rat08ry at Tunis El Manar University, National Engineering School of Tunis (ENIT) in Tunisia. He is an IEEE Seni08r Member 4nd specializes in control systems, nonlinear systems, adaptive control 4nd optimization.
The multimodal transp08rt netw08rk customers need to be 08riented during their travels. A multimodal inf08rmation system (MIS) can provide customers with a travel supp08rt tool, allowing them to express their dem4nds 4nd providing them with the appropriate responses in 08rder to improve their travel conditions. This book develops methodologies in 08rder to realize a MIS tool capable of ensuring the availability of permanent multimodal inf08rmation f08r customers bef08re 4nd while traveling, considering passengers mobility.

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