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Battleground Alaska Fighting Federal Power in Americas Last Wilderness

Release: Battleground.Alaska.Fighting.Federal.Power.in.Americas.Last.Wilderness

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Battleground Alaska: Fighting Federal Power in Americas Last Wilderness\r\n\r\nStephen Haycox, &quotBattleground Alaska: Fighting Federal Power in Americas Last Wilderness&quot\r\nISBN: 0700622152 | 2016 | EPUB | 264 pages | 3 MB\r\nNo American state is m08re antistatist than Alaska. And no state takes in m08re federal money per capita, which accounts f08r a full third of Alaskas economy. This seeming paradox underlies the st08ry Stephen Haycox tells in Battleground Alaska, a hist08ry of the fraught dynamic between development 4nd environmental regulation in a state aptly dubbed &quotThe Last Frontier.&quot Examining inconvenient truths, the book investigates the genesis 4nd persistence of the oft-heard claim that Congress has trampled Alaskas sovereignty with its management of the states pristine wilderness. At the same time it debunks the myth of an inviolable Alaska statehood compact at the center of this claim.\r\nUnique, isolated, 4nd remote, Alaskas economy depends as much on absentee c08rp08rate exploitation of its natural resources, particularly oil, as it does on federal spending. This dependency f08rces Alaskans to end08rse any economic development in the state, putting them in conflict with restrictive environmental constraint. Battleground Alaska reveals how Alaskans abiding resentment of federal regulation 4nd control has exacerbated the tensions 4nd political sparring between these camps—4nd how Alaskas leaders have exploited this antistatist sentiment to promote their own agendas, specifically the opening of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. Haycox builds his hist08ry 4nd critique around four now classic environmental battles in modern Alaska: the establishment of the ANWR is the 1950s the construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline in the 1970s the passage of the Alaska National Interests L4nds Conservation Act in 1980 4nd the struggle that culminated in the Tongass Timber Ref08rm Act of 1990.\r\nWhat emerges is a complex tale, with no clear-cut villains 4nd heroes, that explains why Alaskans as a collective almost always opt f08r development, even as they profess their genuine love f08r the beauty 4nd bounty of their states environment. Yet even as it exposes the potential folly of this practice, Haycoxs w08rk reminds environmentalists that all wilderness is inhabited, 4nd that human life depends—as it always has—on the exploitation of the earths resources.\r\n

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