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Artist: Paloma Faith
Title: The Architect (Deluxe) (2017)
Year Of Release: 2017
Label: Sony Music
Genre: Soul, Pop
Quality: Mp3 Total Time: 62:35
Total Size: 143 / 427 / 739 MB


1. Paloma Faith – Evolution (feat. Samuel L. Jackson) (01:04)
2. Paloma Faith – The Architect (03:25)
3. Paloma Faith – Guilty (04:19)
4. Paloma Faith – Crybaby (03:53)
5. Paloma Faith and John Legend – Ill Be Gentle (04:15)
6. Paloma Faith – Politics of Hope (feat. Owen Jones) (00:54)
7. Paloma Faith – Kings and Queens (03:51)
8. Paloma Faith – Surrender (03:33)
9. Paloma Faith – Warrior (03:44)
10. Paloma Faith – Til Im Done (03:44)
11. Paloma Faith – Lost and Lonely (03:41)
12. Paloma Faith – Still Around (03:47)
13. Paloma Faith – Pawns (feat. Baby, Nym and Janelle) (00:51)
14. Paloma Faith – WW3 (03:10)
15. Paloma Faith – Love Me as I Am (04:31)
16. Paloma Faith – Power to the Peaceful (03:18)
17. Paloma Faith – Tonights Not the Only Night (03:47)
18. Paloma Faith – My Body (03:48)
19. Paloma Faith – Price of Fame (03:00)

Paloma Faith – one of only two British female artists this decade to have their last three albums go double - platinum in the UK – will release her long - awaited fourth album, ‘The Architect, on November 17 via RCA Records.

The new album – her first in more than three years and since giving birth to her first child – features an array of acclaimed co - writers, producers and collaborators including: Sia, John Legend, Jesse Shatkin, TMS, Starsmith, Tobias Jesso Jr., Eg White, RagnBone Man, actor Samuel L. Jackson and journalist and activist Owen Jones.

Paloma, who won the BRIT Award for British Female Solo Artist in 2015 following the phenomenal success of her last record, 2014s ‘A Perfect Contradiction, explores both personal and political themes on the album.

Whilst the music is classic Paloma – with sweeping orchestral tracks, smooth soul, sleek disco grooves and stomping electro pop all featured on the album – the lyrics raise social and political questions, and cover powerful and topical themes, such as motherhood, social anxiety, wealth inequality, technologys impact on feelings of alienation…. oh and also the future of the Western World, Donald Trump, Brexit and the refugee crisis – all within the confines of classic pop.

Title track ‘The Architect features - if you can imagine it – Paloma as Mother Nature, singing to humanity, while ‘Guilty reflects on the Brexit vote from the perspective of a Leave voter who regrets their choice. Lead single ‘Crybaby ponders whether war would cease to exist if men successfully dealt with their emotions, and ‘Lost and Lonely is sung from the viewpoint of a skeleton!

The album also includes the track ‘Warrior written by Sia, which Paloma interprets to be about the refugee crisis, a duet with John Legend, ‘Ill Be Gentle, and two spoken word interludes – album opener ‘Evolution which is performed by acclaimed actor Samuel L. Jackson and ‘Politics of Hope which is a political commentary by Owen Jones. String arrangements on ‘The Architect, ‘Warrior and ‘Ill Be Gentle were written by David Arnold, the celebrated film and TV composer best known for his work on ‘James Bond and ‘Sherlock.

Paloma said: ‘The Architect is a social observation record. I was adamant that I wouldnt write about love. I wanted to look outside of myself. Im coming at politics from the perspective of the common man or woman, observing why people are suffering. Each song on the record is about a different pocket of the socio - political world that Ive been delving into.

She added: I wanted to write something more modern. On previous albums Ive been more concerned with the past, but now Im looking forward because of motherhood and wanting to change things for a better future. Its a marriage of old and new.

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