Mr Lif und Brass Mena eri Resilient 2017

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Artist: Mr. Lif and Brass MenaĹľeri
Title: Resilient
Year Of Release: 2017
Label: Self
Genre: Bass, Hip - Hop
Quality: (tracks)
Total Time: 41:27
Total Size: 255 mb

1.Rebirth 03:34
2.Crypt of Lost Styles (feat. eO) 03:17
3.Aftermath 03:34
4.The Wanderer (feat. DJ Mr. Sonny James) 05:50
5.Burning Up 05:33
6.Doppio Macchiato 04:08
7.Hump Day 03:22
8.What About Us?! (feat. DJ Mr. Sonny James) 04:01
9.Guiding Light 02:45
10.Breathe Deep 05:17

Brass Menažeri met Mr. Lif way back in December of 2010, when mad genius Devon Leger thought—unlike anyone else in the world—that Balkan brass would make a good backdrop for hip hop. So he invited us all to meet and collaborate in the Seattle Folk Festival. We sent a swath of largely fruitless emails, flew to Seattle, and had a single rehearsal in a puddly coffin factory, with a borrowed Crate bass guitar amp for Lifs vocals. We didnt get electrocuted, somehow, and thus we didnt make use of the factorys usual product. Instead we created a collaboration method based on live remixing the band, slicing and rearranging our repertoire on cue, muting and soloing sections of the band and looping sections willy nilly, like a DJ might if they held dictatorial control over ten people, instead of Ableton Live.

You werent there, but it was awesome.

We loved it and rocked it. We decided to make a record, raised money from friends and faithful strangers, recorded a lot of music, the band disbanded, some people loved and lost, others simply waited, we composed and recorded and edited and re - recorded (in three different countries) and cut and recut and recomposed (and decomposed a bit—happens to us all), and now only seven years later, youre holding this thing in your I - wouldnt - say - grubby - exactly hands, praise the laud.
Were so eternally grateful to all those who believed in us and supported us throughout this long process to all who donated to the project to Waxsimile Records for putting us over the top and to you for listening to the final result. We hope you enjoy this crazy fruit of our crazy labor and our crazy love. And while the worlds winds whip up certain uncertainty, may we breathe deep and build Resilience together—our intertwined roots anchoring our supple - yet - shatterproof trunks, so that everyones limbs might offer up their most beautiful particular fruit, to nourish us all, while we birth again the world.

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