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Eskimo of the Canadian Arctic

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English | 1978 | ISBN: 0770517544 | 263 pages | PDF | 41.64 MB

This collection of Eskimo studies will appeal to a wide range of readers: teachers, students, government agencies, and the general reader. The essays extend in subject from Shamanism to Eskimo language, from the Eskimo economy to Eskimo art. Well - known specialists from Canada, France, the Netherlands, England, Denmark, and the United States are represented by the important contributions they have made to our knowledge of the Eskimo.
Victor F. Valentine and Frank G. Vallee are Professors of Sociology at Carleton University. Their introduction is informed by extensive experience in Canadas north and with the Eskimo, and by knowledge they have gained while serving in various capacities in most of the government agencies concerned.
Sach und Fachbuecher English

Eskimo of the Canadian Arctic


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