World War Ii Stalingrad A History From Beginning To End

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The Battle of Stalingrad, perceived by historians as the most important battle of World War II and regarded by Russians as the most significant battle in their countrys history, cannot be viewed solely as a military engagement between two powerful, long - time foes. The Soviet Union, which had climbed to power from the shambles of the 1917 Revolution that saw communism overthrow the czar, and Germany, which had risen from the ashes of World War Is Treaty of Versailles, certainly had a complicated history. Stalingrad was a battle between the Allies and the Axis Powers it was a struggle between the Soviet Union and Germany for victory and it was also a test of wills between Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler, two totalitarian dictators who were willing to do whatever was necessary to demonstrate the supremacy of their systems of government. Inside you will read about… ? Josef Stalin: Man of Steel ? Adolf Hitler: A Quest for Vengeance ? Operation Barbarossa ? The Stalingrad Street Fighting Academy ? The Heroes of Stalingrad And much more! Stalin had succeeded Vladimir Lenin as the leader of the Soviet Union, and his entry upon the world stage ushered in a reign of absolute power as he bent a battered nation to conform to his will. Adolf Hitler, leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party, was elected chancellor of Germany in 1933 and promptly turned the beleaguered nation into a launch pad for Aryan domination. As their armies met at Stalingrad for a long and bloody struggle that would ultimately tally two million civilian and military casualties, the world would watch as two brutal regimes challenged one another while the fate of the free world hung in the balance.
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