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Hello, I’m Devvi from the Shio’s team. The long-awaited story update is now available. The new contents are as follows.

1. We’ve changed the game process. Player will wake up at a lake house at the beginning. You can return to it by using ‘Yuki's face’ at any time.

2.A variety of collectibles have been added to the game. These items can be found through the game. They will offer you additional information about the story. Each item indicates that ‘I’ am not a man without past. ‘I’ was just so sick of it that ‘I’ forgot it.

3.We added a ‘diary’ into the game. It can be picked up at the lake house at the beginning. By checking the diary, player can see a word or two that ‘I' wrote down before. You can also check the diary for information about the collectible items and writings found in the hidden levels.

4.The collectible items you found will be displayed in the lake house.

5.Player can now take ‘Yuki's face’ at the lake house directly at the beginning.

6.The story of chapter one ‘The sun also rises’ is redesigned.

7.Some levels are improved to provide a better experience.

Game Derscption:
"Shio” isn’t a typical platform jumping game, floating lanterns aren’t just a decoration, it’s a tool that you can use them to explore the world of “Shio”. In the game players will see hundreds of lanterns, don’t let simple lantern fool you, it is just seeming easy to jump on them. If you are big fan of Super Meat Boy, you will like Shio as well!

Who is this man under that mask? What he is doing there? Is he looking for something? Many questions, but only one way to find an answers. Don’t blindly follow lanterns, try to find hidden rooms, and if you succeed, you will learn more about man under the mask

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