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Acting And Character Animation The Art Of Animated Films Acting And Visualizing

Release: Acting.And.Character.Animation.The.Art.Of.Animated.Films.Acting.And.Visualizing

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Animation has a lot to do with acting. That is, character
animation, not the standardized, mechanical process of
animation. Acting and animation are highly creative
processes. This book is divided into two parts: From film
history we learn about the importance of actors and the
variety of acting that goes into animation then, we will
turn to the actors point of view to describe the various
techniques involved. Through exhaustive research and
interviews with people ranging from the late Ray
Harryhausen, Jim Danforth, Joe Letteri, and Bruno
Bozzetto, this book will be the primary source for
animators and animation actors.
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Acting And Character Animation The Art Of Animated Films Acting And Visualizing


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