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Cracking The China Conundrum Why Conventional Economic Wisdom Is Wrong

Release: Cracking.The.China.Conundrum.Why.Conventional.Economic.Wisdom.Is.Wrong

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Chinas rise is altering global power relations, reshaping economic debates, and commanding tremendous public attention. Despite extensive media and academic scrutiny, the conventional wisdom about Chinas economy is often wrong.

Cracking the China Conundrum

provides a holistic and contrarian view of Chinas major economic, political, and foreign policy issues.

Yukon Huang trenchantly addresses widely accepted yet misguided views in the analysis of Chinas economy. He examines arguments about the causes and effects of Chinas possible debt and property market bubbles, trade and investment relations with the Western world, the links between corruption and political liberalization in a growing economy and Beijings more assertive foreign policies. Huang explains that such misconceptions arise in part because Chinas economic system is unprecedented in many ways - namely because its driven by both the market and state - which complicates the task of designing accurate and adaptable analysis and research. Further, Chinas size, regional diversity, and uniquely decentralized administrative system poses difficulties for making generalizations and comparisons from micro to macro levels when trying to interpret Chinas economic state accurately.

This book not only interprets the ideologies that experts continue building misguided theories upon, but also examines the contributing factors to this puzzle.

Cracking the China Conundrum

provides an enlightening and corrective viewpoint on several major economic and political foreign policy concerns currently shaping Chinas economic environment.
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