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Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud 2017 by Mr Munishwar Nath Gulati

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English | Jan. 10, 2017 | ISBN: 1543071368 | 326 Pages |
PDF | 40 MB

Adobe PhotoShop Creative Cloud 2017 - The easy way
to colour painting, photo retouching and image editing,
even if you have never designed before. This book
provides step - by - step information on how to use all the
tools of Photoshop. The concept has been explained in
plain simple English, thus ensuring you understand. The
book is a must - read for Web - designers, Artists,
Publishers, and anyone who is interested in getting most
out of this innovative art production tool. How the book is
organised Chapter 1 introduces you to Adobe PhotoShop
Creative Cloud 2017 and discuss about various menus
and using PhotoShop help. Chapter 2 tells you the
various concepts required to work with images. It tells
you about resolution, resampling, cropping and scanning
of images besides other concepts. Chapter 3 explains you
the concept of colours gamuts, channels and palettes
provided in Photoshop. As you move on to Chapter 4,
you are introduced to various tools required for selecting
the image. Chapter 5 covers all about freehand drawing
and paths and shapes and using them for various
purpose. Chapter 6 tells you about various tools required
for Painting and Erasing in Photoshop. Chapter 7 tells you
about tools required for editing and retouching the image.
Chapter 8 tells you to write text in Photoshop images.
Chapter 9 tells you all about working with Layers, editing
Layers and adding effects to the layers. Chapter 10 tells
you about working with Channels and Masks. Chapter 11
discusses various filters that can be applied to the
images. Chapter 12 tells you all about optimizing and
automating the task in Photoshop. This book is a sincere
effort for explaining the concepts of Adove Photoshop.
We sincerely hope that you find this work to be
informative and enjoyable. As a reader, you are the most
important critic and commentator of our books. We value
your opinion and want to know what we are doing right,
what we could do better, what areas you would like to
see us publish in, and any other words of wisdom you are
willing to pass.

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