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The Nature and Properties of Soils Global Edition 15th Edition

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The Nature and Properties of Soils, Global Edition (15th
Edition) by Raymond R. Weil and Nyle C. Brady Emeritus
2016 | ISBN: 1292162236 | English | 1105 pages | PDF |
140 MB
Developed for Introduction to Soils or Soil Science
courses, The Nature and Properties of Soils, Fifteenth
Edition, can be used in courses such as Soil Fertility, Land
Resources, Earth Science and Soil Geography.

"The Nature and Properties of Soils has been my labor of
love for the past 5 years and updates a narrative that
has both reflected and helped to shape soil science
thinking for more than a century. It has evolved to
provide a globally relevant framework for an integrated
understanding of the diversity of soils, the soil system
and its role in the ecology of planet Earth." - Ray R. Weil

This hallmark text introduces the exciting world of soils
through clear writing, strong pedagogy, and an ecological
approach that effectively explains the fundamentals of
soil science. Worked calculations, vignettes, and current
real - world applications prepare readers to understand
concepts, solve problems, and think critically. Written for
both majors and non - majors, this text highlights the
many interactions between the soil and other components
of forest, range, agricultural, wetland and constructed

Now in full - color, the Fifteenth Edition includes hundreds
of compelling photos, figures, and diagrams to bring the
exciting world of soils to life. Extensively revised, new
and updated content appears in every chapter. Examples
include: coverage of the pedosphere concept; new
insights into humus and soil carbon accumulation;
subaqueous soils, soil effects on human health; principles
and practice of organic farming; urban and human
engineered soils; new understandings of the nitrogen
cycle; water - saving irrigation techniques; hydraulic
redistribution, soil food - web ecology; disease
suppressive soils; soil microbial genomics; soil interactions
with global climate change; digital soil maps; and many
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