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Chris Bianco, "Bianco: Pizza, Pasta, and Other Food I
English | ISBN: 0062224379 | 2017 | EPUB | 224 pages |
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The highly anticipated cookbook from the chef behind
“the best pizza in America”

When Chris Bianco started Pizzeria Bianco inside the back
corner of a neighborhood grocery store in 1988, he had
no idea that he would be a driving force in the artisanal
pizza movement. All he knew was that his food would be
the result of his relationships with farmers, local
producers, customers, and staff, reflecting the respect
and sincere intention that he brings to each of his

Now the owner of a legendary pizza mecca and a James
Beard award - winning chef, Chris Bianco brings us a full -
color, fully illustrated cookbook illuminating the
fundamentals of pizza making, from the basics of flour
and water to the philosophy behind Bianco’s cooking. The
book features recipes for his signature pies as well as
strategies and techniques for translating chef’s methods
to the home kitchen.

Bianco celebrates both the simple and the nuanced,
revealing the methods that lead to the perfect crust, the
sweetest tomato sauce, the creamiest mozzarella, and
the most expertly balanced flavor combinations. It also
features recipes for market salads, tasting plates, and
dessert options, as well as the staff meals that are
cooked behind the scenes and a new array of main
courses showcased at Chris’s wildly popular restaurants.
With its attention to detail and tips for making
unforgettable, flavorful pies, Bianco is an essential
companion for any serious pizza maker.
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