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CultureShock Bulgaria A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette

Release: CultureShock.Bulgaria.A.Survival.Guide.to.Customs.and.Etiquette

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CultureShock! Bulgaria: A Survival Guide to Customs and
Etiquette by Agnes Sachsenroeder
English | 2008 | ISBN: 0761458778 | PDF | 272 pages |
5.66 Mb
CultureShock! Bulgaria is your companion to this beautiful
land that was once part of the Byzantine and Ottoman
Empires and which was under Soviet influence for close to
50 years. Discover how the people came to terms with
the communist past and the changes that have taken
place since they joined the European Union in 1997.

Learn to read the Cyrillic alphabet as you make your way
around the many imposing historic buildings and
understand why members of the same family may have
seemingly different surnames. a selection of delicious
dishes, best washed down by a glass or two of boza a
result of the country s agrarian roots, its tradition of
honey gathering and abundance of fresh fruits and
vegetables. Practical advice on finding a home, arranging
for utilities and day - to - day living make CultureShock!
Bulgaria your indispensable guide to settling in Bulgaria
and enjoying its delights.

About the Author
Agnes Sachsenroeder first cut her teeth crossing cultures
in Egypt in 1997. After more than a decade of being a
desk - bound legal adviser, she morphed into a travelling,
trailing spouse as her husbands posting took them to
Cairo that year. Wet behind the ears as a first time
expatriate wife, she had to battle all the classic symptoms
of culture shock, until she learned that her funny moods
could be attributed to this disease which liked to attack
expatriates. Once she found her expatriate bearings,
Sachsenroeder joined a volunteer organisation in Cairo as
coordinator of a newcomers orientation programme,
which focused on helping newcomers adjust to a new
environment. After six years in Cairo, she was to cross
cultures again when they moved to Berlin. Two years
later, she trailed her husband to his next posting in
Bucharest, Romania. Just when she thought she had
started to settle in, someone decided that she should be
exposed to yet another culture, and they moved to
Sofia, Bulgaria. In Culture Shock! Bulgaria, Agnes shares
here experience in settling in the lovely country.

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CultureShock Bulgaria A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette


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