Type 2 Fuzzy Logic Uncertain Systems Modeling and Control

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Type - 2 Fuzzy Logic: Uncertain Systems’ Modeling and Control By Dr. Rómulo Antão
English | PDF | 2017 | 136 Pages | ISBN : 9811046328 | 4.6 MB
This book focuses on a particular domain of Type - 2 Fuzzy Logic, related to process modeling and control applications. It deepens readers’understanding of Type - 2 Fuzzy Logic with regard to the following three topics: using simpler methods to train a Type - 2 Takagi - Sugeno Fuzzy Model; using the principles of Type - 2 Fuzzy Logic to reduce the influence of modeling uncertainties on a locally linear n - step ahead predictor; and developing model - based control algorithms according to the Generalized Predictive Control principles using Type - 2 Fuzzy Sets.
Throughout the book, theory is always complemented with practical applications and readers are invited to take their learning process one step farther and implement their own applications using the algorithms’ source codes (provided). As such, the book offers avaluable referenceguide for allengineers and researchers in the field ofcomputer science who are interested in intelligent systems, rule - based systems and modeling uncertainty.
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Type 2 Fuzzy Logic Uncertain Systems Modeling and Control


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