Building Maintenance Processes and Practices The Case of a Fast Developing Country

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Abdul Lateef Olanrewaju, Abdul - Rashid Abdul - Aziz,
"Building Maintenance Processes and Practices: The Case
of a Fast Developing Country"
2014 | pages: 352 | ISBN: 9812872620 | PDF | 5,3 mb
This book is designed to be an inclusive for the best
practice approach to building maintenance management,
where the processes, procedures and operational
systems meet a high standard of professional and
academic competence. It offers a different perspective
on building maintenance management by presenting the
schematic building maintenance value chain model and
it’s implementation in Malaysian university buildings. The
findings show an improvement to building performance,
lower maintenance cost, building sustainability and
increased maintenance service user satisfaction. The
learning outcomes and summaries provided for each
chapter and the extensive use of tables and figures add
to the readability of the text. Though the book is based
on data from Malaysia, it is useful for a much wider
audience, and the informal writing style makes it an
interesting reference source. This book is valuable for
readers who are practitioners, professionals and for
academic institutions that offer courses in the building
field, including architecture, quantity surveying, civil
engineering, building and facility management, property
management, real estate. It will also be of interest to
governments and others involved in the construction
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