The Empirical Validation of House Energy Rating HER Software for Lightweight Housing in Cool Temperate Climates


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This book reports on the first empirical validation of
“AccuRate,” Australia’s national benchmark software tool
for house energy ratings. The validation was conducted
by the University of Tasmania in collaboration with Forest
and Wood Products Australia, the Australian
Government, the CSIRO and industry partners. The
study presented here describes the results of graphical
and statistical analysis of variations observed between
the measured and simulated data from three different
test buildings in Launceston, Tasmania. It shows that,
while the AccuRate software is well suited to modeling
energy flows, there are discrepancies between the
simulated and measured temperatures of the test
buildings. Moreover, it highlights possible connections
between the discrepancies in all zones and the outside air
temperature, wind speed, global and diffuse solar
radiation, and possibly the ground model. Beyond its
contribution to further investigations into the ongoing
improvement and calibration of the Australian NatHERS-
supported AccuRate software, this book also meticulously
describes the methodology used in conducting the
research, which is expected to pave the way for further
studies of this type.

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