Drifting Lands Update 7

Release: Drifting.Lands.Update.7-PLAZA

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update 7:
* FULL mouse control. Even during the missions. (the cursor sensitivity now applies to menu AND mission controls)
* Slow move feature added to gamepad and keyboard controls. A new button to move at a third of your maximum speed
to allow greater precision.

* Intro volume is now correctly using your sound settings

* fixed a bug causing notification titles to overlap with the close button

* The fight against the 2 guardians is now easier: one of them will appear 30 seconds before the other.
It may not be enough to finish him but you'll have two of them during a much shorter period.

update 6:
* An important missing part is not missing anymore...

* Fixed a bug causing unlocks of ships to be transferred to another save slot.

update 5:
* Bravado, a new rank 5 Skill in the Close Range family

* Fix on the Controller detection. Hopefully this should allow more unrecognized gamepads to be used.
* You can now skip entire cutscenes by pressing the skip dialogue button for 2 seconds.
* Update of the Steamworks.NET dll. Hopefully this will limit problem of connection to Steam for the game.
* Fixed a bug on the item tooltip background. The size was sometimes not correctly calculated when there were
too many modifiers.

* The speedrun achievement (Faster than Bestio?) has now a time limit of 3h30 instead of 3h.
It was really too tight with cutscenes.

update 4:
* On the market screen, sorting items on all stash tabs now correctly refreshes the "sell all" buttons.
* Fixed a minor bug on account creation while navigating through pages.

* More waves for the third faction.
* Bigger texts in item tooltips when viewport height is equal or greater than 900px.
* When comparing two items, missing modifiers are no longer striked out.
* Account file persistence is less often triggered now.
* Pressing the "back" button while on the Hub screen or Account screen will now show the quit message box.

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