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Battle Brothers Update v1.1

Release: Battle.Brothers.Update.v1.1-CODEX

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Update v1.1:
Added 18 new illustrated events.
Added 3 new player banners.
Added 63 colored variants of most common helmets for more customization options.
Added more options to customize campaign difficulty by introducing separate settings for 'Economic Difficulty', 'Combat Difficulty' and 'Starting Funds'. See tooltips for more information.
Added optional 'Reset Equipment After Battle' setting to automatically place equipment back into the inventory slot it was in before battle, if possible.
Added additional ambient sounds for settlements.

Changed combat log to show more detailed information, including hit chances, dice rolls for enemies and damage to shields.
Changed 'Bags & Belts' perk to also remove the fatigue penalty for carrying items in any bag slot.
Changed fatigue cost of ÔÇśIndomitableÔÇÖ perk active skill to 20, down from 25.
Changed various minor things to improve game balance and pacing.

Fixed 'Lone Wolf' perk effect sometimes not updating correctly after movement.
Fixed potentially wrong healing time displayed in medical supplies tooltip.
Fixed specific ambitions not being recorded as fulfilled when engaging two enemy parties in quick succession.
Fixed issue with 'Armed Courier' contract during an active late game crisis.
Fixed two potential issues with the 'Siege Fortification' contract.
Fixed issue when retreating at a specific point during the 'Free Greenskin Prisoners' contract.
Fixed game potentially hanging when loading an ambush with a large number of opponents.
Fixed auto-loot sometimes granting loot to the player even if not having won the battle.
Fixed cultist conversion events also changing daily wages.
Fixed situations at settlements sometimes not being resolved correctly.
Fixed tavern rumors about famed helmets incorrectly referring to them as weapons.
Fixed various minor issues.

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