Offworld Trading Company Jupiters Forge Update v1.13.16271

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Update v1.13.16271:
Friend Invites- Steam users have the ability to invite friends into their lobbies from within the lobby screen and users in single player games can see and accept those invites. People can send friend requests in the game by clicking a user in the lobby, or right clicking their name in the players panel.
Added a new Campaign Victory Screen
Improved the lighting environment on Mars.
Showed how many resources founding an HQ produces in chat
Removed the learn to play tooltip since the sub buttons have the real descriptions
Reducing the height of the Team labels to make more room for chat
Added rollover text for Learn to Play buttons
Added a perk icon for the Io extra claim
Showing order modifiers when auctioning a tile next to the colony
Colony consumption help on mouseover is back
Can now scroll through all played maps in Infinite Challenge
Added Jovian Eclipse banner message
Daily/Infinite Challenge screen will now tell you what the version is of old replay files
Added logic to change a lobby name if the owner changes.
Adjusted research row colors to contrast more
Split learn to play and practice challenge into two screens
Changed Io Campaign light priority.
Darkened defeated characters on the campaign victory screen and adding a hover effect
Added animations for Found HQ buttons and special tabs
Lowered opponent’s debt in tutorial 5.
Tweaked tutorial handicaps.
Auto-pausing no longer happens in the Infinite Challenge
Elites now start with one extra share.
Perks available are now sensitive to buildings made invalid by colony classes.
Fixed camera controls close button getting squished on higher resolutions
Fixed some of the jarring camera movements in the tutorials
Fixed black screen after playing Practice Challenge.
Disabling animators control of visibility so they don't compete for visibility when setting a UI object invisible.
Fixed long tutorial text sequence in Tutorial 2 where before it listed every module type.
Fixed an issue exiting a Practice Challenge goes to the Practice Challenge screen.
Improved handling missing unit assets in mods.
Fixed tooltips on Campaign resume.
Fixed sorting order of dropdowns in the in-game options screen.
Converted resource assets to use assets instead of concatenated strings.
Converted the asset path global strings to asset types.
Fixed lobby rename logic.
Fixed a sorting error bug on team names in the player list.
Fixed Campaign planet text alignment
Fixed logic issue that prevented someone set as an observer in a lobby from being changed to be on a team.
Fixed back button on practice challenge preview.
Fixed how HQ world works so it stops adding extra world audio components.
Memory optimizations.
Readded the Daily Challenge to practice challenges and fixed issue where practice challenges don't show
Fixed scenario grouping.
TextButtons now have the abillity to specify what RectTransform their tooltip should use to position itself
Fixed issues with Nomads and founding bonuses.
Fixed text outline when font-size changes.
Fixed Robotic character art in Found Tooltip.
Fixed some issues with campaign mode selection.
Fixing goal panel null reference exception.
Fixing HUD chat size.
Fixing show chat screen all hotkey.
Fixed which maps show up in lobby screen depending on location.
Fixed handicap mouseover on lobby screen.
Fixed error on missing campaign faction background art.
Disabled pixel perfect on pie slices so they don't go askew.
Set up overlay on frozen order buttons.
Fixed shrinking chat avatar.
Fixed the issue where the infinite challenge screen is totally blank for new players.
Fixed chat/event log overlapping other UI components.
Fixed typos.
Fixed default selection of missions in the campaign character select screen.
Fixed an issue with the campaign mission toggle order.

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