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Out of the Park Baseball 18

Release: Out.of.the.Park.Baseball.18.Update.v18.5.54-BAT

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Hello baseball fans!

We have spent the past few weeks improving the game and fixing reported bugs. Today we have launched the latest OOTP 18 Update, version number 18.5.54. (We released 18.5.53 earlier today, which had a glitch with the challenge moder server, build 54 fixes this.)

Here is the changelist:
- Updated Opening Day roster sets, including many improvements to minor league player ratings and international & independent leagues (need to create a new game for changes to apply)
- Added wide screen options for field widget in-game
- Can now add and remove players from tournaments using right-click menu
- Fixed PBP speed being too quick
- Fixed last ticket price when gate sharing in league
- Fixed some text when players have multiple injuries
- Fixed minor league coach contracts not advancing
- Fixed some cases of achievements not triggering properly
- Fixed retained salary not getting cleared when team options are exercised
- Fixed injury distribution for pitchers
- Fixed problems with draft pick trading
- Improved AI playoff roster selection, DL
- Tweaked in-game pinch-hitting AI
- Fixed top prospect owner goal ignoring certain prospects
- Improved use of spring training depth charts
- Adjusted player expectations
- Fixed crash selecting all-star option on new game
- Release all coaches will now properly release coaches on affiliated teams
- Tournaments will no longer take players from teams during the playoffs
- Fixed purge tool with tournaments
- In Challenge Mode, season scores and achievements will only be counted the first time when earned (to prevent cheating)
- Fixed salaries resetting when trading players in international leagues (NPB, KBO, etc...)
- Fixed association playoffs resetting when exiting and resuming the game
- Many other bug and cosmetic fixes


Out of the Park Baseball 18


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