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Create Perfect Paintings An Artists Guide to Visual Thinking

Release: Create.Perfect.Paintings.An.Artists.Guide.to.Visual.Thinking

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Create Perfect Paintings: An Artist's Guide to Visual Thinking by Nancy Reyner
English | 17 Apr. 2017 | ASIN: B06X1CBZ2Q | 144 Pages | AZW3 | 16.17 MB
The Ultimate Resource and Reference Guide for Artists!

Discover an innovative self - critique method that will empower you to answer the artist's most common questions, Now What? and Is it Finished? as you learn to identify and overcome painting issues faced by artists regardless of medium or style. With hundreds of insights, tips, illustrated techniques and ideas, Create Perfect Paintings shows you how to push your work to the next level by strengthening your perception, technical skills and visual thinking.

Exercises and examples illustrate how to critique your own creations and then evaluate them step by step for further improvement. You will compare illustrations, and learn to identify and modify artistic choicesÔÇôfrom negative space and color ratio to controlling eye movement, depth and contrastÔÇôto see their impact and help you use them to the best effect in your work. What you'll find inside:

Section 1: EssentialsÔÇôReviews and defines artistic terms and concepts.
Section 2: Play PhaseÔÇôShows you how to tap into your right brain. Learn to challenge the process and break habits to free your spirit and inspire variety in your art; also covers materials, tools and surfaces
Section 3: Critique PhaseÔÇôIntroduces a groundbreaking method of contemporary critique called The Viewing Game a comprehensive, systematic and fun way to analyze, edit and enhance your paintings.
Sections 4 and 5ÔÇôBonus sections explore how to resolve creative blocks, convey artistic messages, boost your personal style, display your work and turn painting into a career.
"May this book increase your productivity, add ease and flow to your creative process, clarify your ideas, add nuance to your personal style, and most importantly, add joy to the miraculous act of painting." ÔÇôNancy Reyner
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Create Perfect Paintings An Artists Guide to Visual Thinking


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