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Learn Hive in 1 Day Complete Guide to Master Apache Hive

Release: Learn.Hive.in.1.Day.Complete.Guide.to.Master.Apache.Hive

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Learn Hive in 1 Day: Complete Guide to Master Apache Hive
2016 | English | ASIN: B01N68X9AL | 79 pages | PDF EPUB (conv) | 8.56 Mb
Apache Hive is the new member in database family that works within the Hadoop ecosystem. It provides all great features like data summarization, ad - hoc query, and analysis of large datasets. If you are not a good programmer, then this edition will teach you how to use hive queries without writing complex codes.

Most users face the problem of not getting a dedicated course on Hive. The goal of this e - book is to cater everything about Hive and only Hive with minimum jargons. The notes, lessons and hands - on examples in this small e - book are simplified and tactfully presented to solve all your Hive queries. Instead of writing long code for MapReduce or Java, the e - book shows tips on writing the same program with a minimum code snippet.

Beginners as well as peers will thoroughly enjoy this book. They will discover and learn more hive patterns for data processing and data integrations. Unlike other e - book, where they skip basic detail thinking users having prior subject knowledge. This edition has given complete attention to each and every small aspect of the hive like how to set up and configure Hive in your environment.

This e - book is also helpful for those who just want to explore Hive and dont want to spend big bucks for short courses. You will quickly learn, apply and share your Hive knowledge with this e - book.

Table of content

Chapter 1: Introduction

What is Hive?

Hive Architecture

Different modes of Hive

What is Hive Server2 (HS2)?

Hive vs Map Reduce

Chapter 2: Installation and Configuration

Installation of Hive

Hive shell commands

Install and configure MYSQL database

Chapter 3: Data operations

Data types in Hive

Creation and dropping of Database in Hive

Create, Drop and altering of tables in Hive

Table types and its Usage



Chapter 4: Queries and Implementation

Order by query

Group by query

Sort by

Cluster By

Distribute By

Join queries

Different type of joins

Sub queries

Embedding custom scripts

UDFs (User Define Functions)

Chapter 5: Query Language, Built - in Operators and Functions

Hive Query Language (HQL)

Built - in operators

Built - in functions

Chapter 6: Data Extraction

Working with Structured Data using Hive

Working with Semi structured data using Hive (XML, JSON)

Hive in Real time projects – When and Where to Use
Sach und Fachbuecher English

Learn Hive in 1 Day Complete Guide to Master Apache Hive


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