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Positive Operator Semigroups From Finite to Infinite Dimensions Operator Theory Advances and Applications

Release: Positive.Operator.Semigroups.From.Finite.to.Infinite.Dimensions.Operator.Theory.Advances.and.Applications

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Positive Operator Semigroups: From Finite to Infinite
Dimensions (Operator Theory: Advances and
Applications) by András Bátkai
English | 28 Feb. 2017 | ISBN: 331942811X | 384 Pages |
PDF | 3.32 MB
This book gives a gentle but up - to - date introduction
into the theory of operator semigroups (or linear
dynamical systems), which can be used with great
success to describe the dynamics of complicated
phenomena arising in many applications. Positivity is a
property which naturally appears in physical, chemical,
biological or economic processes. It adds a beautiful and
far reaching mathematical structure to the dynamical
systems and operators describing these processes.
In the first part, the finite dimensional theory in a
coordinate - free way is developed, which is difficult to
find in literature. This is a good opportunity to present
the main ideas of the Perron - Frobenius theory in a way
which can be used in the infinite dimensional situation.
Applications to graph matrices, age structured population
models and economic models are discussed.
The infinite dimensional theory of positive operator
semigroups with their spectral and asymptotic theory is
developed in the second part. Recent applications
illustrate the theory, like population equations, neutron
transport theory, delay equations or flows in networks.
Each chapter is accompanied by a large set of exercises.
An up - to - date bibliography and a detailed subject
index help the interested reader.
The book is intended primarily for graduate and master
students. The finite dimensional part, however, can be
followed by an advanced bachelor with a solid knowledge
of linear algebra and calculus.
Sach und Fachbuecher English

Positive Operator Semigroups From Finite to Infinite Dimensions Operator Theory Advances and Applications


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