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Poland in the Irish Nationalist Imagination 1772 1922 Anti Colonialism within Europe

Release: Poland.in.the.Irish.Nationalist.Imagination.1772.1922.Anti.Colonialism.within.Europe

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Poland in the Irish Nationalist Imagination, 1772 - 1922:
Anti - Colonialism within Europe by Róisín Healy
English | 2 Mar. 2017 | ISBN: 3319434306 | 321 Pages |
PDF | 3.19 MB
This book explores the assertions made by Irish
nationalists of a parallel between Ireland under British
rule and Poland under Russian, Prussian and Austrian rule
in the long nineteenth century. Poland loomed large in the
Irish nationalist imagination, despite the low level of direct
contact between Ireland and Poland up to the twenty -
first century. Irish men and women took a keen interest in
Poland and many believed that its experience mirrored
that of Ireland. This view rested primarily on a historical
coincidence?the loss of sovereignty suffered by Poland in
the final partition of 1795 and by Ireland in the Act of
Union of 1801, following unsuccessful rebellions. It also
drew on a common commitment to Catholicism and a
shared experience of religious persecution. This study
shows how this parallel proved politically significant,
allowing Irish nationalists to challenge the legitimacy of
British rule in Ireland by arguing that British governments
were hypocritical to condemn in Poland what they
themselves practised in Ireland.
Sach und Fachbuecher English

Poland in the Irish Nationalist Imagination 1772 1922 Anti Colonialism within Europe


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