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Success through Failing Finding our Greatest Gifts in our Darkest Hours

Release: Success.through.Failing.Finding.our.Greatest.Gifts.in.our.Darkest.Hours

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Success through Failing: Finding our Greatest Gifts in our Darkest Hours by Wendy E Bunnell and Evelyn Jeffries
English | 2017 | ISBN: 069281793X | 258 pages | EPUB azw3 | 2,4 2,5 MB
Do you set goals but sometimes feel as though you will never reach them? Do you feel discouraged, overwhelmed, and exhausted with life? Do you sometimes wonder if you have what it takes? All 25 of these amazing, inspirational women have felt that way at various times in their lives and can relate. Many have asked them, “What made the difference in pushing through your own failure in order to reach your goals and achieve massive success?” In Success through Failing, these 25 inspirational authors share their personal story of triumph and tragedy. They convey their personal challenges with raw detail…..never sugar coating their journey to greatness. These stories will make you cry, cheer, and find your own strength.
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Success through Failing Finding our Greatest Gifts in our Darkest Hours


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