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Seriously From Scratch

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Seriously From Scratch: How to Cook the Most Delicious
Food Ever By Making Every Single Component Yourself by
Joe Gatto
English | 2016 | ISBN: 1624143105 | 192 Pages | EPUB |
27.4 MB
Seriously From Scratch takes food lovers on a wild
journey behind the scenes of America’s favorite dishes.
Chef Joe Gatto proves that these dishes taste the best
when you craft every single component yourself. So, if
you want to eat the best freaking burger of your life,
you’ve got to make the buns from scratch, along with the
ketchup, mustard, mayo and Parmesan herb fries on the
side. But that’s not all?make it truly epic by smoking your
own bacon and grinding it together with fresh beef for
your burger patties and even making your own lump
charcoal to cook it.

Chef Joe went back to the building blocks of food to find
the absolute best way to make the perfect pastrami
sandwich, the ultimate pizza, pasta like you’ve never
tasted it before, hog - wild barbecue and a not - your -
average clambake. You don’t have to be trained in
culinary? arts or have a kitchen full of fancy equipment to
make rock star food. With Chef Joe’s standout recipes
and step - by - step tutorials, you’ll serve your family and
friends a meal so delicious it will knock them over. Plus,
you get to brag about your adventures in the kitchen
making literally every single thing from scratch! With this
quirky cookbook, you’ll have? a blast, learn new tips and
tricks and get a new, inspired appreciation for dishes that
truly are better made from scratch.
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Seriously From Scratch

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