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Analyzing Compositional Data with R

Release: Analyzing.Compositional.Data.with.R

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K. Gerald van den Boogaart, Raimon Tolosana - Delgado,
"Analyzing Compositional Data with R (Use R!)"
ISBN: 3642368085 | 2013 | EPUB | 280 pages | 2 MB
This book presents the statistical analysis of compositional
data sets, i.e., data in percentages, proportions,
concentrations, etc. The subject is covered from its
grounding principles to the practical use in descriptive
exploratory analysis, robust linear models and advanced
multivariate statistical methods, including zeros and
missing values, and paying special attention to data
visualization and model display issues. Many illustrated
examples and code chunks guide the reader into their
modeling and interpretation. And, though the book
primarily serves as a reference guide for the R package
“compositions,” it is also a general introductory text on
Compositional Data Analysis.

Awareness of their special characteristics spread in the
Geosciences in the early sixties, but a strategy for
properly dealing with them was not available until the
works of Aitchison in the eighties. Since then, research
has expanded our understanding of their theoretical
principles and the potentials and limitations of their
interpretation. This is the first comprehensive textbook
addressing these issues, as well as their practical
implications with regard to software.

The book is intended for scientists interested in
statistically analyzing their compositional data. The
subject enjoys relatively broad awareness in the
geosciences and environmental sciences, but the
spectrum of recent applications also covers areas like
medicine, official statistics, and economics.

Readers should be familiar with basic univariate and
multivariate statistics. Knowledge of R is recommended
but not required, as the book is self - contained.
Sach und Fachbuecher English

Analyzing Compositional Data with R

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