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Unity AI Game Programming 2nd Edition

Release: Unity.AI.Game.Programming.2nd.Edition

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Ray Barrera, Aung Sithu Kyaw, Clifford Peters, Thet Naing Swe, "Unity AI Game Programming, 2nd Edition"
English | 2015 | ISBN: 178528827X | 237 pages | EPUB | 5 MB

About This Book
Compose richer games by learning the essential concepts in artificial intelligence with exciting examples
Explore the brand new Unity 5 features that make implementing artificial intelligence in your game easier than ever
Using this practical guide become a competent Unity 3D developer by learning AI techniques, methods and the applicability of AI
Who This Book Is For
This book is intended for Unity developers with a basic understanding of C# and the Unity editor. Whether you're looking to build your first game or are looking to expand your knowledge as a game programmer, you will find plenty of exciting information and examples of game AI in terms of concepts and implementation. It does not require any prior technical knowledge of how game AI works.

What You Will Learn
Understand the basic terminology and concepts in game AI
Implement a basic finite state machine using state machine behaviors in Unity 5
Create sensory systems for your AI with the most commonly used techniques
Implement an industry - standard path - finding system and a navigation mesh with the Unity 5 NavMesh feature
Build believable and highly - efficient artificial flocks and crowds
Create a basic behavior tree to drive a character's actions
Make your characters more engaging by implementing fuzzy logic concepts in your AI's decision - making
Tie all the concepts together with examples and guides
Sach und Fachbuecher English

Unity AI Game Programming 2nd Edition


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