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Pervasive Computing Engineering Smart Systems Undergraduate Topics in Computer Science

Release: Pervasive.Computing.Engineering.Smart.Systems.Undergraduate.Topics.in.Computer.Science

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Pervasive Computing: Engineering Smart Systems
(Undergraduate Topics in Computer Science) by Natalia
Silvis - Cividjian
English | 16 Mar. 2017 | ISBN: 331951654X | 210 Pages |
PDF | 7.45 MB
This book provides a concise introduction to Pervasive
Computing, otherwise known as Internet of Things (IoT)
and Ubiquitous Computing (Ubicomp) which addresses the
seamless integration of computing systems within
everyday objects. By introducing the core topics and
exploring assistive pervasive systems which infer their
context through pattern recognition, the author provides
readers with a gentle yet robust foundation of knowledge
to this growing field of research.
The author explores a range of topics including data
acquisition, signal processing, control theory, machine
learning and system engineering explaining, with the use
of simple mathematical concepts, the core principles
underlying pervasive computing systems. Real - life
examples are applied throughout, including self - driving
cars, automatic insulin pumps, smart homes, and social
robotic companions, with each chapter accompanied by a
set of exercises for the reader. Practical tutorials are also
available to guide enthusiastic readers through the
process of building a smart system using cameras,
microphones and robotic kits. Due to the power of
MATLABÔäó, this can be achieved with no previous
programming or robotics experience.
Although Pervasive Computing is primarily for
undergraduate students, the book is accessible to a wider
audience of researchers and designers who are
interested in exploring pervasive computing further.
Sach und Fachbuecher English

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