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Practical Point of Care Medical Ultrasound

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James M. Daniels, "Practical Point - of - Care Medical
2016 | ISBN - 10: 3319226371 | 204 pages | PDF | 19 MB
This book serves as a comprehensive guide for
integrating point - of - care ultrasound into clinical care. It
includes detailed chapters on the use of ultrasound in
cardiology, dermatology, obstetrics and gynecology, and
pediatrics, as well as for the assessment of the abdomen,
musculoskeletal system, eyes, and thorax. Over the last
decade, the use of diagnostic, point - of - care ultrasound
at the bedside has been widely adopted by healthcare
professionals in the United States. This technology has
spread into many new areas of clinical medicine and more
non - radiologists are seeking training and an up - to -
date resource on use of the ultrasound machine. This
book provides guidance on how to best approach patients
with particular problems, practical guidelines on how to
operate the machine and choose probes, descriptions and
illustrations that depict the patient’s position and
structures that are scanned, and the anatomy and
pathophysiology of each area. Practical Point - of - Care
Medical Ultrasound is a valuable addition to the library of
any resident, fellow, physician, or other healthcare
provider who uses ultrasound in a clinical setting.
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Practical Point of Care Medical Ultrasound


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