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Essentials of Cybersecurity InfoSec experts share their ts on getting the basics right

Release: Essentials.of.Cybersecurity.InfoSec.experts.share.their.tips.on.getting.the.basics.right

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Essentials of Cybersecurity: InfoSec experts share their tips on getting the basics right (Peerlyst Presents Book 2) by Limor Elbaz and Maria Behan
English | 2017 | ISBN: n/a | ASIN: B01ND4169X | 100 pages | EPUB | 0,2 MB
"Essentials of Cybersecurity" is a crowdsourced effort from the members of the Peerlyst online community of information security professionals. These InfoSec experts share their perspective and tips on getting the basics right, from understanding cybersecurity’s vital importance and developing a corporate security culture to protecting your telecom infrastructure and making the most of security technology.
The chapters include:
1: Starting at the Beginning: Why You Should Have a Security Program by David Froud
2: Understanding the Underlying Theories of Cybersecurity by Dean Webb
3: Driving Effective Security with Metrics by Anthony Noblett
4: A Security Compromise Lexicon by Nicole Lamoureux
5: Building a Corporate Security Culture by Dawid Balut
6: Why People Are Your Most Important Security Asset by Darrell Drystek
7: Basic Security Hygiene Controls and Mitigations by Joe Gray
8: Understanding Central Areas of Enterprise Defense by Brad Voris
9: Telecom Security 101: What You Need to Know by Eric Klein
10: Strengthen Your Security Arsenal by Fine - Tuning Enterprise Tools by Puneet Mehta
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Essentials of Cybersecurity InfoSec experts share their ts on getting the basics right


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