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Unnatural Selection How We Are Changing Life Gene by Gene

Release: Unnatural.Selection.How.We.Are.Changing.Life.Gene.by.Gene

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Unnatural Selection: How We Are Changing Life, Gene by
Gene by Emily Monosson
2014 | ISBN: 1610914988, 1610914996 | English | 232
pages | EPUB | 0.4 MB
Gonorrhea. Bed bugs. Weeds. Salamanders. People. All
are evolving, some surprisingly rapidly, in response to our
chemical age. In Unnatural Selection, Emily Monosson
shows how our drugs, pesticides, and pollution are
exerting intense selection pressure on all manner of
species. And we humans might not like the result.

Monosson reveals that the very code of life is more fluid
than once imagined. When our powerful chemicals put the
pressure on to evolve or die, beneficial traits can sweep
rapidly through a population. Species with explosive
population growth—the bugs, bacteria, and weeds—tend
to thrive, while bigger, slower - to - reproduce creatures,
like ourselves, are more likely to succumb.

Monosson explores contemporary evolution in all its
guises. She examines the species that we are actively
trying to beat back, from agricultural pests to life -
threatening bacteria, and those that are collateral
damage—creatures struggling to adapt to a polluted
world. Monosson also presents cutting - edge science on
gene expression, showing how environmental stressors
are leaving their mark on plants, animals, and possibly
humans for generations to come.

Unnatural Selection is eye - opening and more than a little
disquieting. But it also suggests how we might lessen our
impact: manage pests without creating super bugs;
protect individuals from disease without inviting
epidemics; and benefit from technology without
threatening the health of our children.
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Unnatural Selection How We Are Changing Life Gene by Gene


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