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Learning Web App Development Build Quickly with Proven JavaScrt Techniques

Release: Learning.Web.App.Development.Build.Quickly.with.Proven.JavaScript.Techniques

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Semmy Purewal, "Learning Web App Development: Build
Quickly with Proven JavaScript Techniques"
English | ISBN: 1449370195 | 2014 | EPUB | 306 pages |
9,2 MB
Grasp the fundamentals of web application development
by building a simple database - backed app from scratch,
using HTML, JavaScript, and other open source tools.
Through hands - on tutorials, this practical guide shows
inexperienced web app developers how to create a user
interface, write a server, build client - server
communication, and use a cloud - based service to deploy
the application.

Each chapter includes practice problems, full examples,
and mental models of the development workflow. Ideal
for a college - level course, this book helps you get
started with web app development by providing you with
a solid grounding in the process.

Set up a basic workflow with a text editor, version control
system, and web browser
Structure a user interface with HTML, and include styles
with CSS
Use JQuery and JavaScript to add interactivity to your
Link the client to the server with AJAX, JavaScript
objects, and JSON
Learn the basics of server - side programming with
Store data outside your application with Redis and
Share your application by uploading it to the cloud with
Get basic tips for writing maintainable code on both client
and server
Sach und Fachbuecher English

Learning Web App Development Build Quickly with Proven JavaScrt Techniques


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