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The Story Cure An A Z of Books to Keep Kids Happy Healthy and Wise

Release: The.Story.Cure.An.A.Z.of.Books.to.Keep.Kids.Happy.Healthy.and.Wise

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The Story Cure: An A - Z of Books to Keep Kids Happy,
Healthy and Wise by Susan Elderkin, Ella Berthoud
2016 | ISBN: 1782115277 | English | 352 pages | EPUB | 7
Mumsnet 'Best Books for Christmas 2016' From tantrums
to tummy aches to teenage mood swings, there are times
when a book is the best medicine of all. The Story Cure is
a manual for grown - ups who believe that the stories
which shape children's lives should not be left to chance.
In these pages bibliotherapists Ella and Susan recommend
the perfect children's book - from picture books to YA
novels via the golden world of chapter books - for every
hiccup and heartache. Whether the young child you know
is being bullied, the toddler can't sleep, or the teenager
has fallen in love for the first time - or just doesn't know
what to read next - the right story will help them feel
themselves again. Packed full of helpful lists of the best
books to read when turning ten or going through a
spy/horse/superhero phase, you'll find old favourites
such as The Borrowers and The Secret Garden alongside
modern classics by MT Anderson, Malorie Blackman and
Frank Cottrell Boyce. The Story Cure is the perfect
companion for initiating young readers into one of life's
greatest pleasures.
Sach und Fachbuecher English

The Story Cure An A Z of Books to Keep Kids Happy Healthy and Wise


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