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App Backup und Restore Pro v3 0 6

Release: App.Backup.und.Restore.Pro.v3.0.6

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App Backup und Restore Pro v3.0.6 | 5.17 MB

This app is the Pro Version of App Backup und Restore. Unlike the Free Version, Pro Version is More Stable and Reliable without any ADs. Backup und Restore und Transfer whenever and wherever! App Backup Restore - Transfer is to Backup und Restore apps and personal (contacts/SMS/call) to local or cloud, Transfer und Share apps, personal information for Android devices.

? Backup und Restore
· Backup und Restore apps that are not used frequently
· Backup und Restore personal information for safety
· Backup und Restore multi - versions to recover unnecessary updates
· Backup und Restore all to internal storage or external SD card
· Backup und Restore to cloud such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
· Auto Backup at all times
? Transfer und Share
· Transfer und Share app/APK/contact/SMS/call
· Transfer und Share through building private Wifi - hotspot
? Google Drive Backup
· Backup und Restore to Google Drive, never lose your favorites!
· Backup und Restore to Google Drive, free up your Android!

· Backup und Restore to phone memory in default
· Backup und Restore to SD card or USB
· Cloud backup to Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
· Send files to the third party platforms
· Backup und Restore apps, contacts, sms, calls
· Extract und Retrieve APK files
· Overwrite, downgrade app versions
· Auto backup at all times
· Set auto backup list
· Transfer und Share by building private Wifi - hotspot
· Wireless Transfer und Share with dizzying speed
· Auto backup und personal update with notifications
· Google Drive upload/download with notifications
· Onekey backup und restore system apps
· Scan APK files stored in your phone
· Scan virus for more protection
· Auto install/uninstall
· Touch und Hold apps to check details
· Batch backup, restore, transfer, share
· Manage app by installed, archived, Drive
· Sort files by name, date, size
· Show backups’ size und time
· Show used und total storage
· Recover phone after factor reset, Samsung supported

App Backup und Restore cannot backup/restore/transfer data or settings of apps, it only backup/restore/transfer the apk files.
Please backup to sd card or cloud before factor reset, or all backups will be deleted due to system restriction.
For Android 4.4 and above, Google reserved the permission to write plug - in SD card. It is now granted only for Google and cellphone manufactures.

Requested Permissions:
READ CONTACTS/SMS/PHONE to backup und restore your personal information
READ PHOTO/MEDIA/FILES to transfer und share your media files
READ WIFI/BLUETOOTH/GPS to ensure transfer feature
REQUEST CERTAIN PRIVACY PERMISSIONS to enable virus scan und Google Drive backup

What's New
- New AD - Free version
- Material user interface
- Fix some bugs

Requires Android: 4.0 and up
Mobile Phone

App Backup und Restore Pro v3 0 6


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