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Call Of Duty Black Ops

Release: Call_Of_Duty_Black_Ops_EUR_ITALIAN_Wii-PUSSYCAT

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  • Format: rar
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  • Kategorie: Wii
  • Hinzugefügt: 04.01.17 02:01
  • Rel-Jahr: 2015
  • Uploader: freaky
  • Genre: Action


Black Ops is a first person shooter and the seventh in the Call of Duty franchise history. This time you play as special forces operative Alex Mason. The missions in this game take place during the cold war and include Vietnam, Russia, Laos, and Cuba. The games missions are a series of memories from Alex Mason as he is interrogated before each one. The interrogation sessions give Black Ops a very dark feel to it at times. The games story is quite good and one of the better ones in the Call of Duty series. During each mission you’ll get access to a wide array of weapons, grenades, and in many missions you’ll drive vehicles or man different guns.

Call Of Duty Black Ops

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