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Zumba Kids: The Ultimative Zumba Dance Party

Release: Zumba_Kids_The_Ultimative_Zumba_Dance_Party_USA_Wii-PUSSYCAT

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  • Kategorie: Wii
  • Hinzugefügt: 02.12.16 04:12
  • Rel-Jahr: 2015
  • Uploader: freaky
  • Genre: Action


Zumba Kids - The Ultimative Zumba Dance Party (c) Majesco Entertainment


Zumba Kids features kid-friendly choreography that encourages freeing
movement, builds self-confidence and enhances coordination. Kids will
discover new rhythms as they move to 20+ easy-to-learn dance styles,
including hip-hop, swing, surf, disco and salsa. Zumba Kids also
supports a full set of gameplay modes that offer multiplayer fun,
mini-games and classes in varying lengths. Kids receive positive
reinforcement via layers of unlockable rewards - bonus videos, healthy
lifestyle tips plus stickers and badges kids can collect in a
customizable in-game scrap book. Rounding out the experience is an
energizing soundtrack highlighted by contagious hits like Justin
Bieber's "Beauty and a Beat" and Willow Smith's "Fireball", classics
like "Wipeout" and "Boogie Wonderland", along with a range of Zumba
original songs.

Zumba Kids: The Ultimative Zumba Dance Party


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